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Russell " Tug " Harlan, AIF, ARPC

Born and raised in Glenmoore PA, Russell Harlan, Jr. (aka Tug) graduated from The Haverford School and went on to earn a BS in environmental science from Susquehanna University. After several years in the environmental industry, he embarked on a journey to pursue a career in the financial services field where he has spent the past 15 years helping individuals and businesses navigate the financial landscape to make the most prudent financial decisions. Russell lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife, Sherri, and two sons, Grayson and Tanner.


Russell holds a number of licenses, certifications and accreditations that certify his educational requirements, competence and understanding of the principles of fiduciary duty, and ethical standards to carry out a fiduciary standard of care and service in the best interest of his clients, including:

  • Series 65 License (Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination)

  • Life, Accident & Health License

  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®)

  • Accredited Retirement Plan Consultant (ARPC)

“I started my own company because I am passionate about making a meaningful impact on people’s lives. As a financial advisor and wealth coach, I take a solution-based, consultative approach to helping clients make informed decisions for their future. It’s my fiduciary responsibility to help clients understand their options and guide them on a path to success.”

- Russell Harlan, AIF®, ARPC

Our Philosophy

At Harlan Financial, we believe it is important to adhere to a core investment philosophy that is prudent for lifelong investing.   We believe that global diversification, proper risk tolerance, and costs matter.  We do not believe market timing stock picking or “beating” the market work over the meaningful periods, so our investment strategy includes strategic asset allocation to build a portfolio tailored to each individual clients’ needs, goals and risk tolerance. 
Most of our investments include mutual funds, bonds and exchange-traded funds, and less so of individual stocks. Due to our core investment philosophy, we do not rashly react to changes in the market; rather if changes are needed, we research extensively and consult with clients closely before making any changes. 

We form close, personal relationships with our clients to help us fully understand their goals and objectives.  We seek insight into their lives beyond just a balance sheet so we can fulfill our fiduciary duty to the fullest extent. This comprehensive understanding allows us to use our expertise to guide our clients through life’s journey with the goal of reaching financial peace of mind.
A core component of our strategic asset management approach is continually rebalancing the portfolio and we meet with clients regularly to assess and re-assess their portfolios and strategies.

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